In the Univers exist 3 very powerful species : 1. Reptilians
2. Humans

The Reptilians want to control the other species because they are the most powerful so they infiltrate to a Secret beimir Base and they planted a powerful Virus who transform any beimir or any man in a strong mutant with an armored body,you can get the virus by touching .Reptilians have tried to send the virus to Earth as well but something destroyed the virus.Scientists stayed for a week until they realized what caused the destruction of the virus,so the humans,being in alliance with the beimir invented a very strong armor who can protect you from viruses ,but they didn’t have enough resources ,so they created just 1 piece.You are the lucky man who can use that armor,so you are the man who needs to fight with the mutants and destroy them to protect those uninfected beimirs. When you kill a mutant his body will dissolve in a few seconds and the virus will be destroyed. Other hundred agents are protecting the aliens planet from other viruses sent by the reptilians.

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